Romantic Interludes

Perfect getaways for a romantic break

Romantic setting at The Estates, Pangkor Laut

Every so often it is great to sneak away for a few days leaving the chaos of modern day life behind to escape to somewhere a little more tranquil. Leaving the pressures of work and the challenges of parenthood behind, you and a loved one can enjoy a trip to unwind, relax and enjoy each other’s company.

There has been an enormous growth in the number of small, boutique hotels appearing around the world and whilst for a time ‘big was beautiful’ in terms of enormous resorts, many travellers now prefer the intimacy of a smaller hotel that truly reflects the culture and authenticity of the local area being visited. After all, a Hilton hotel looks very similar whether it is located on a tropical beach or in a city centre.

We feature here a few unique hotels that we can recommend for a romantic escape, but this is just a snapshot of the thousands of such properties dotted around the world. Indeed, just about every city has at least one property that has that ‘wow factor’ to impress for a special weekend or week away.