Famed for its beaches framed by coconut trees, the Caribbean continues to appeal to those looking for a tropical experience within reasonable flying time from the UK. From Barbados with its luxury hotels, St. Lucia with its lush mountainous terrain or the Grenadines with their deserted beaches, there is something to appeal to everyone.

Ladera, St. Lucia

What you will remember about Ladera is simply the magically serene experience of being so separate from the rest of the world, surrounded by the sounds of the rainforest, at one with Ladera, and embracing all that it has to offer.

Windjammer Landing

Balancing culture, entertainment, romance and adventure, Windjammer Landing provides guests with everything they need to create a memorable experience that is uniquely Saint Lucia.

Body at Le Sport, St. Lucia

If you are looking for a luxury resort in St Lucia, then surely The BodyHoliday is the perfect choice. This luxury resort hotel is unparalleled in terms of its facilities, its offerings, service and cuisine.

Carlisle Bay, Antigua

There are plenty of wow factors about Carlisle Bay, from beautiful contemporary design and original art and photography throughout the hotel to thoughtful, luxurious touches including a private screening room showing movies every night, a stunning library and a gift shop selling specially selected designer items.

Palm Island, St. Vincent and Grenadines

Besides being a resort, Palm Island is a tranquil place that invites our guests to slow down, recharge their batteries and gradually rediscover the wonders of nature. Iguanas and interesting bird life are natives along the panoramic walking trails, while authentic island life is portrayed through yachts and traditional beach homes. Furthermore, you can drift away on boat trips to the world-famous Tobago Cays to ensure a great sense of place.