Our worldwide destinations

Having travelled extensively ourselves and talked with many of our clients who have enjoyed holidays around the world, we are pleased to be able to offer some of our favourite holiday destinations which you might care to visit.

African and Indian Ocean

Africa is a continent of great diversity, the second largest of Earth’s seven continents, covering almost a quarter of the world’s total land area and inhabited by over 800 million people. It is bounded by the Mediterranean Sea, the Atlantic Ocean, the Red Sea, and the Indian Ocean. Whilst some of its countries have yet to embrace tourism, others offer a wealth of culture and experiences for travellers.


Whilst almost as far from the UK as any countries on earth, the long flight is well worth the effort and the majority of those that make the journey down to Australia or New Zealand vow that it will not be their last!


Famed for its beaches framed by coconut trees, the Caribbean continues to appeal to those looking for a tropical experience within reasonable flying time from the UK. From Barbados with its luxury hotels, St. Lucia with its lush mountainous terrain or the Grenadines with their deserted beaches, there is something to appeal to everyone.

Europe and Russia

Although it is the world’s smallest continent in surface area, there are profound differences between the cultures and ways of life in the many countries that make up Europe and its neighbour Russia. From Montenegro to France and Italy to Albania, we’ve an in-depth knowledge of most of this fascinating continent.

Far East

Asia, the world’s largest continent, covers nearly 30% of the Earth’s land area but is home to 60% of the world’s population. From the ancient ruins, jungles, and pristine beaches of the south east to the modern megacities of the east of the region, travellers will find the Far East and Asia a fascinating destination that is rich in cultural diversity, great people, and delicious cuisine.

Indian and Sub-Continent

A diverse region of the world with areas of both intense population and uninhabited tropical islands. Whether you hanker for the spending time snorkelling off a Maldivian island, or exploring the manic city of Delhi, we’ll offer knowledgeable and impartial advice to help you enjoy the best of this fascinating part of the world.

North Africa and Middle East

This region of the world, often in the news for the wrong reasons, still provides a wealth of opportunities for travellers looking to experience the diverse cultures squeezed into the countries that link the Mediterranean and Indian Ocean.

South and Central America

Bordered on the west by the Pacific Ocean and on the north and east by the Atlantic Ocean, the regions of South and Central America stretch nearly 5,000 miles. From the tropical rain forests in the north to the deserts of the south, this area of the world requires an open mind and a sense of adventure to explore fully.

USA and Canada

Often described as a mini version of the world, all in one country, the states of USA and Canada offer travellers the chance to combine deserts, beaches and mountains all within a couple of hours flying time of each other. Hire a car, motorhome or even a motorbike and head off in to the American sunset!